The Spanish Chorizo

Another high requested Spanish product, which I´m sure you´ve already heard of is Chorizo. Widely used in different elaborations due to its unique flavor, you can find it easily in a supermarket.



Chorizo it´s made of lean pork, pork fat, salt and spices as garlic, paprika and oregano. This ingredients are mixed up and stuffed in casings (natural or artificial). Then, the piece is left curing for minimum 3 months (depending on the size), following the same steps as the curing process of Jamón.

The elaboration of the chorizo takes back to the times when each family slaughtered their own pig (Matanza) for their consumption. So, each family had their own recipe and ingredients which they were transmitted from generation to generation.
Some of that recipes are still followed today, that’s why you can find different types and flavors: cured, smoked, spicy, sweet… and also fresh; ready to be cooked, fried or perfect for a barbecue.

As I mentioned before, chorizo can be found easily but it´s hard to found one with a great quality. As you could see in our Iberian Guide (here you can take a look), the quality of the piece is determined by the meat type, the curing process and the race´s purity of the animal.


You can also find a great variety of Chorizo, depending on which part of Spain you are. Here, the most known is the Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota, made from Iberian Pig Meat. Bellota pigs are allowed to roam in the Dehesa and are fed by acorns, its taste it´s unique and delicious. Just the smell it´s mouth-watering.


You can also find different shapes, which will depend on the used casing and the curing period. In Guillén we have the whole Chorizo piece (Chorizo Cular), 1 Kg aprox. and the Chorizo Vela, in a thinner format of 500 gr. and 250 gr.


Hope we have dispelled your doubts. You can find more information on our Spanish blog.


See you soon!