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Myths and Legends about Spanish Ham

The Spanish Ham it´s a worlwide known product, it represents the Spanish gastronomy and its culture. Next to its popularity we can find a lot of myths and legends.  We´ll try to clear out all this foolery.   Pata Negra Ham it´s the best one Pata Negra is neither an exclusive feature nor means better […]

The Spanish Chorizo

Another high requested Spanish product, which I´m sure you´ve already heard of is Chorizo. Widely used in different elaborations due to its unique flavor, you can find it easily in a supermarket.     Chorizo it´s made of lean pork, pork fat, salt and spices as garlic, paprika and oregano. This ingredients are mixed up […]

The Spanish Ham

Ham it´s without any doubt one of the most popular products of our country. Once you try it, you´ll not forget the taste of a piece of Jamón melting in your mouth! I´m sure you heard about Bellota Ham, Serrano Ham, Ibérico Ham, Pata Negra…. Sometimes you can feel frustrated when choosing one. Indeed, we […]