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The Spanish Montanera

If you´re into the Iberian World, I´m sure you already have heard about the Montanera. Completely new here? Don´t worry, we´ll explain all the information you need to know about one of the most important steps in the life of the Iberian Pig.   Montanera gives name to the process from early October to March […]

Is Eating Ham Healthy?

The growing healthy lifestyle and the awareness about what we eat have altered our eating habits, but also made us fastidious with other products that are actually healthy. One of them it´s the Spanish Ham. When following a diet based on your body needs and with exercise, the consumption of ham it´s recommended. Its controversy […]

Myths and Legends about Spanish Ham

The Spanish Ham it´s a worlwide known product, it represents the Spanish gastronomy and its culture. Next to its popularity we can find a lot of myths and legends.  We´ll try to clear out all this foolery.   Pata Negra Ham it´s the best one Pata Negra is neither an exclusive feature nor means better […]

The Spanish Chorizo

Another high requested Spanish product, which I´m sure you´ve already heard of is Chorizo. Widely used in different elaborations due to its unique flavor, you can find it easily in a supermarket.     Chorizo it´s made of lean pork, pork fat, salt and spices as garlic, paprika and oregano. This ingredients are mixed up […]

The Spanish Ham

Ham it´s without any doubt one of the most popular products of our country. Once you try it, you´ll not forget the taste of a piece of Jamón melting in your mouth! I´m sure you heard about Bellota Ham, Serrano Ham, Ibérico Ham, Pata Negra…. Sometimes you can feel frustrated when choosing one. Indeed, we […]