Manuel Guillén S.A. collaborates with other companies and associations from its environment to contribute to sustainable development and social welfare. The company cooperates with other entities to guarantee that society advances in a fair world.

Our company tries every day to respect the codes of the Corporate Social Responsibility, emphasizing the following ones:

  • To achieve a reasonable growth creating wealth in an efficient way and always in fair conditions.
  • Respect for the labour laws offering work conditions that favour the safety and the labour health of our workers.
  • Respect for the environment both on our farms and in our factory, rationalizing and optimizing the natural and energetic available resources.
  • To comply with the in current legislation maintaining Company ethics.
  • To collaborate with entities and associations of social and non-profit-making character.
  • To favour the sustainable development of our region.

For these reasons, the company collaborates closely with several entities, among which are:

ALCLES: Association of Fight against the Leukaemia and Diseases of the Blood.

Cruz Roja:

The company also collaborates as a sponsorship with other entities and with sportspeople, to whom we are very grateful for taking our brand Guillen wherever they go. Several examples of these sponsorships are:

C.D. Guijuelo:

Cycling School Béjar:

Our sponsorship of this small great champion is very special: Martin Vecchio