Our Founder

Manuel Guillén Orellana, founder of the company Manuel Guillén S.A.:

From my first trip to Barcelona I especially remember my aspiration of trying to provide a better future for my family. When I was a representative I crossed a thousand and one ways in the search for better sales. As a warehouseman I risked my entire life savings.

With daily passion, years of effort and perseverance, today I have managed to raise my own Iberian pigs and to produce high quality products.

During this period I have learnt two things: firstly that experience and hard work are the only values that are not subject to bankruptcy. Adding effort every day you can reach great heights, and the pleasure that accompanies well achieved work puts aside any fatigue; secondly that the family is the natural sustenance of the human race, without the support of my family all of this would not have been possible

Manuel Guillén Orellana


  • Don Manuel Guillén, founder of the company, began his professional career in this sector by the hand of his father in the little town of “La Puebla de Sancho Perez”, in Badajoz. He moved very young to Barcelona to provide a better future for his family, working as representative and living through the reality of the Iberian market. A few years later, with the help of his wife Amalia, they started the commercialization of hams and Iberian products. In 1968 they opened their first distribution warehouse, and in 1976 the Company Manuel Guillén was founded (which started by being a distributor of Iberian products in Catalonia).
  • The factory in Guijuelo and therefore Manuel Guillén S.A. was established in 1988, and since then the company has invested in improvements in the production processes and especially in the purchase of its two Woodlands (Dehesas), which allow the company to have the control throughout all the aspects of the production: from the genetics and livestock farming up to the commercialization of the final products.

Guillén Family

  • Manuel Guillen S.A. is a family business which has been working in the production and manufacture of Iberian Pork products for three generations. Thanks to the hard work and effort of all these years, we have been able to consolidate the Company in the Spanish market and abroad, offering delicious and traditional products.
  • In Manuel Guillen S.A., we combine all techniques of the grand master butchers with the most advanced and modern technology, which allows us to produce hams and other products of the highest quality. We make Iberian products from pigs from our own farms and regulate all aspects of the production: from Animal Breeding to Manufacturing and Distribution, all these stages are maintained with the utmost care, always complying with the strictest quality controls set by the Designation of Origin of Guijuelo.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Our new and modern premises are located in Guijuelo, “The Cradle of Iberian ham”, in the Sierra of Salamanca. From here, thanks to our traditional manufacturing processes and the highest quality pigs we get the most exquisite Iberian products naturally-cured.
  • Manuel Guillen S.A. produces all its products from premium pork meat in its renovated and fully certified premises, ensuring that the meat retains its properties intact to guarantee an excellent raw material.
  • All this together with the professionalism of our employees allows us to offer a wide assortment of delicious hams and Iberian products.

Our Woodlands (“Dehesas”)

  • In our two “Dehesas”, located in the south-west of Extremadura, our own pigs live in freedom among oak trees that provide great acorns. Our Company is in charge of genetics, feeding and management of the farm. These “Dehesas” have the ideal climate and are the best natural areas for breeding Iberian pigs.
  • It is also in these Mediterranean Woodlands where the company takes charge of the manufacture of its own natural fodder that is the perfect feed for the livestock. This natural feed is obtained from a strict selection of cereals and it is made in our own mill. This detail assures us that the quality of our final product is always of the highest standard.

Unbeatable Location

  • Manuel Guillén S.A. is located in Guijuelo, in the province of Salamanca. The choice of this place has not happened by chance. Surrounded with Béjar´s, France´s and Gredos´ Mountains, it constitutes a fundamental enclave of this industry thanks to its climate, situation and handcrafted tradition. This joins the possibility that the curing process of the products are realised by natural methods (without artificial control on the temperature and on the humidity).
  • Guijuelo suffered a great transformation with the arrival of the railway line at the end of the 19th Century, from being a place without importance to becoming an industrial town. This fact allowed it to progress rapidly, and this was the beginning of the Iberian industry. Initially the process was entirely realised in the surroundings of the locality, from the livestock farming to the slaughter, production and sale of the products. The slaughter of the animal was done in the street by the collaboration of the people from the village, meaning a traditional and festive moment. Nowadays this locality is a national and international symbol for its dedication to the Iberian pork industry and for continuing to support the tradition for dozens of years.
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