In Manuel Guillén S.A. we know that the most important capital of our company is the human team. In any organization people are the most important thing and in our entity we value and recognize the importance of our workers.

We are very grateful to all our workers who have contributed in the development of this house, without them none of this would have been possible.

In Manuel Guillén S.A. we bet on the mixture between youth and experience and on the constant development of our professionals. We rely on specialized and flexible personnel who can adapt to the needs of the Company at every moment and it allows us to have a multidisciplinary team to face the future.

With daily effort and with maximum dedication, Manuel Guillén S.A. has been consolidated as a Company where its workers are the first priority and it is considered fundamental that our whole human team should count on our more important skills: unit and commitment.

We give many thanks to all our team and to the people who have formed part of the same during the whole history of the Company; our present is the result of the effort and the work well done by our workforce over time, of which we are more than proud.

Thanks very much to all of them!